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Xenon Pictures launches the successful Mexican Soap Opera “La Fea Mas Bella” on DVD

POWER MEDIA GROUP, INC., is once again hired by Xenon Pictures for this project and is expected to repeat the excellent results from past campaigns.

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA, October 8, 2007—Xenon Pictures has hired Power Media Group, Inc., to promote the DVD launch of the successful Mexican soap opera “LA FEA MAS BELLA”. The series is the Mexican version of the popular “Ugly Betty” storyline, which has been produced all over Latin America. Power Media Group’s successful results from previous Xenon Pictures campaigns made them the ideal candidate for this new project. The campaign will focus on print and outdoor advertising. The use of urban transit buses and covered areas at bus stops are among the locations that will be used for exposure.

The experience of PMG with these types of campaigns began with an account from entertainment giant Universal to promote “La Dieta del Doctor Atkins”, the Spanish version of “The Atkins’ Diet”. The campaign for the Mexican soap opera, or telenovela, “Amor Real” soon followed, making it the first nationwide television project for the agency. Xenon Pictures, whose catalog is distributed by Vivendi/Universal, hired the agency to promote “Ruby”, “Rosalinda”, “La Madrasta” and “Alborada”, all popular Mexican telenovelas with a large TV audience base. Power Media Group, Inc., continued their collaboration with

Xenon Pictures with the launch of the first two seasons of the captivating teen telenovela, "Rebelde", which has had worldwide impact beyond Latin America.

“Our relationship with Power Media Group, Inc started in 2004 with 'Amor Real'. The professionalism they showed during that campaign made us extremely confident in the capacity of their team. When Xenon has a new Hispanic Market campaign in the works all I have to do is call PMG to get the job done right. They have promoted numerous telenovela DVD sets for us including: Rubi, Rosalinda, La Madrasta, Alborada, Rebelde, La Fea Mas Bella and Dame Chocolate. The service is stellar, the rates are competitive and they always go above and beyond our expectations,” stayed Kristi Aliris, VP Product Management of Xenon Pictures.

The campaign for “LA FEA MAS BELLA” will launch in Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago and New York. The series, which ran for a year and a half in Mexico, had its series finale on February 25, 2007, in the same timeslot as the Academy Awards (for which three Mexican directors were nominated), and won a larger audience share.

The series was aired In the United States by Spanish-language broadcasting giant Univisión. The two-hour U.S. finale in May registered an audience of 7.4 million viewers, according to Nielsen Media. CBS followed with 7.06 million, Fox, 5.65 million and NBC and ABC registered less than 5 million for the timeslot.

Four months later, Xenon Pictures decided to launch the series on DVD for the U.S. market. As with previous releases, the response from the public has been very positive. Leigh Savidge, president of Xenon Pictures, has stated, “The way I see it, you have clients that are saying, ‘if I like it I will buy it'."

The loyalty of Hispanic viewers is expected to continue with the launch of this successful telenovela on DVD. "LA BELLA MAS FEA" is projected to surpass anticipated sales thanks to its large audience base, and augment the success of Xenon Pictures, an independent that took a chance on making Spanish–language entertainment available for the U.S. Hispanic market.
XENON PICTURES, INC., founded in 1986 by Leigh Savidge, has position itself as one of the top distributors in the industry. Since the beginning, the company has applied a philosophy of detailed analysis and understanding of the market, managing to find a niche for a variety of films, TV content and documentaries.
In August of 2002, Xenon Pictures signed an agreement with Mexican media powerhouse Grupo Televisa for the distribution of popular television series, telenovelas, documentaries and films. In 2004, Xenon Pictures signed a distribution deal with Universal Music & Video Distribution, the largest distributor in the world. Xenon brings to this association its knowledge of the growing niche it developed, benefiting the often under-serve U.S. Spanish-language market.
Power Media Group, headquartered in Los Angeles, California, is a company that offers an extensive portfolio of advertising services to the Hispanic media. It counts on professionals in the different areas of advertising to serve the needs of its clients. The dedication that PMG gives its clients is shown in the rapid growth of the company. Established only six years ago, the company represents several prestigious clients such as Universal Music Latin, Xenon Pictures, Creativa Interiors-Primor, NYX Cosmetics, Clinica Medica San Miguel, Success Masters by Design, Laboratories Mallo, Professional Financial Services, Selman Chevrolet, Avosant of Beverly Hills, and The Perfume Club, among others, all of
whom it has served with respect and care from the start, true to its motto: "We love your business as we love our baby".

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